Chris Brown: Your New Album ‘X’ Is A Love Letter To Rihanna

Hollywood Life

Chris, your on again girlfriend Rihanna must be so happy that you’ve basically dedicated your sixth upcoming album, X, to her.

Chris Brownyou’re blowing a wonderfully romantic kiss to the love of your life, Rihanna, in your new album, X. It’s the perfect response to Rihanna’s recent Unapologetic album which was a blatant declaration of her undying love for you!

Rihanna sang that you two were “beautiful like diamonds in the sky,” and that the decision to recommit to her relationship with you was Nobody’s Business in Unapologetic. You’ve responded with an expression of equal commitment.

You’ve called your album X, and it’s clear that it’s referring to the fact that a certain young woman ie. Karrueche Tran, is now decisively in your past — and that your sole romantic focus is Rihanna. You are no longer, very publicly torn between two women in a headline-making love triangle

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